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Can you build custom doors and windows?
Yes, Arcadia Custom has been working with architects, builders, designers and homeowners since 1988 to offer custom doors and windows. In fact, it is our company mission to design, develop and manufacture crafted products unequaled in character, detail and design for the Door, Window and Hardware Markets. By offering a wide variety of species, finishes, textures and architectural styles, we can help you to reflect your true expression of individuality.
Can you provide custom finish colors and custom distress textures?
Yes, we can. Not only do we offer an extensive selection of standard finish colors and textures (refer to our website) but we also have the capacity to match custom colors or textures provided by our customers.
How many species of wood do you offer?
As a standard, we offer: Incense Cedar, Knotty Alder, Select Alder, Cherry, Genuine Mahogany, Walnut, Vertical Grain Douglas Fir and Rustic Oak. Click here to learn more about our wood species and finishes. We also offer other species upon request.
How difficult is it to maintain wood doors and windows?
Your Arcadia Custom doors and windows have been manufactured to last for years and are under warranty. However, as with any piece of fine furniture, the finish will require some simple periodic maintenance to keep it looking its best and to provide protection from the elements. Please refer to the Care and Maintenance section of our web site for information on caring for our Rubbed-Oil Finish, our top coat finish or finishing raw wood as well as our warranties.
Will wood doors and windows hold up?
When properly finished and maintained, wood is extremely durable, and resistant to both time and the elements. In fact, wood is also a natural insulator and has been the number one choice for doors and windows for centuries.
How long does it take to get your product?
Production and delivery times vary by the order and should be discussed with your sales representative. We will do whatever is possible to ensure your order is delivered in a timely manner. Typical lead times range from 6 to 10 weeks.
Do we give customers rough openings?
No. We cannot predict the application or situation of install that our product(s) may require. We can give our outside frame dimensions and you can make your own assessment at that time.
What types of hardware does Arcadia Custom offer?
We offer sandcasted bronze and hard-forged iron in an array of architectural styles. The bronze hardware we offer is also a non-corrosive hardware and is strongly recommended on coastal applications. Please refer to our web site for photos of our hardware offerings.
Can I buy direct from your company?
No. All our products are offered by local authorized retailers who have showrooms for your convenience. These retailers know our products well and are supported by a regional sales representative who can further field questions and inquiries if needed.


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