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Details for Passage or Privacy Sets Model 1030.01

Model shown displays the following design elements:

Pioneer Collection: Our most refined collection is sand-cast, silk-smooth and solid bronze—of the finest artisan grade—comparable to that used by fine artist and craftsman. It creates a look and a statement that is strong, bold and timeless—and perfect for many architectural styles.

Thickness: Classic (¼"Thick) Vintage Plate: This bold, rectangular design creates a timeless solid, strong feel to accent your door tastefully.

Type: Passage or Privacy Sets

Exterior Size: 2 ½" x 2 ½"

This model displays the following finish:

Dark Pewter Antique

Dark Pewter Antique

This model is available in:

Silicon Light

Silicon Light (SL)

Silicon Medium

Silicon Medium (SM)

Silicon Dark

Silicon Dark (SD)

White Bronze Light

White Bronze Light (WL)

Medium Pewter

Medium Pewter (MP)

Dark Pewter Antique

Dark Pewter Antique (DPA)

Blackened Bronze

Blackened Bronze (BB)

About Pioneer Finishes

Silicon Bronze Finishes: Oxidized with a hand-rubbed protective coat, our Pioneer Living Finishes mellow and age beautifully and naturally over time. Each artful surface will develop differently, depending on environment and exposures, so no two will ever look alike. Select from Silicon Light, Silicon Medium or Silicon Dark, and watch your hardware accent your home throughout the years.

Silicon Bronze White Finishes: Our StableCote™ finish process slows the aging, so the finish transforms gradually and differently over time. Whether you prefer a White Bronze Light, Medium Pewter, Dark Pewter Antique, or Blackened Bronze finish, you're certain to find the hue that punctuates your home perfectly — time and time again.

This model displays use of the following:

Ring 60

Ring 60 - Pioneer Bronze Ring

This model is compatible with:

Knob 01 - Pioneer Bronze Oval Knob

Knob 01

Knob 02 - Pioneer Bronze Mushroom Knob

Knob 02

Knob 04 - Pioneer Bronze Ball Knob

Knob 04

Knob 05 - Pioneer Bronze Melon Knob

Knob 05

Lever 10 - Pioneer Bronze Small Bevertail Lever

Lever 10

Lever 11 - Pioneer Bronze Large Bevertail Lever

Lever 11

Lever 20 - Pioneer Bronze Straight Contemporary Lever

Lever 20

Lever 22 - Pioneer Bronze Wave Lever

Lever 22

Lever 50 - Pioneer Bronze "U" Lever

Lever 50

Lever 55 - Pioneer Bronze Full Return Lever

Lever 55

Lever 80 - Pioneer Bronze Chubby Wave Lever

Lever 80

Ring 60 - Pioneer Bronze Ring

Ring 60


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