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Our Lockset Mechanism Information

Rest with security and confidence. Each mechanical locking part in every Arcadia Custom design is built with precision, and tested over time to insure durability and security. In fact, every locking component is cycled over one million times in testing to insure long-life and reliability in both residential and commercial applications.

Locking Mechanism

Lockset Diagram

Special Design Spindles

Handforged Swivel Spindle

Handforged Swivel spindle for use with set screws

Pioneer Half Spindle and Spring

Pioneer half spindle & Pioneer spindle spring.

Lockset Mechanicals

Mortise Lock

Precision built, 3 hr. UL listed.

One-Button auto-unlock mortise lock mechanism leads the field in reliability and ease of operation. Specialty function eliminates accidental lockouts.

Tubular Lock

One million cycle lab tested tubular latches are used for passage and privacy functions. A short 28 degree rotation of the hub retracts latchbolt.

Deadbolt Latch

Heavy duty 1" throw deadbolt latch with anti-friction bushing provides smooth, quiet action.

Pioneer Lever

Pioneer lever trims supplied with preloaded spring power pack and wave spring, secured by positive clip. No set screws needed.

Pioneer Knob

Pioneer knobs and multipoint lever applications utilize a dual action, preloaded spring and cage, secured by a positive clip. No set screws needed.

Handforged Lever

Handforged levers are shipped loose for assembly by the installer. Separate coil spring is jobsite installed and provides support for levers. Set screws secure trims.

Handforged Knob

Handforged knobs are shipped loose for assembly by the installer. Knob spring not required. Set screws secure trims.


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