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Details for Passage or Privacy Sets Model 8072.01

Model shown displays the following design elements:

Handforged Iron Collection: Our most refined collection is sand-cast, silk-smooth and solid bronze—of the finest artisan grade—comparable to that used by fine artist and craftsman. It creates a look and a statement that is strong, bold and timeless—and perfect for many architectural styles.

Thickness: Classic (¼"Thick) Santa Fe Traditional Plate: These beautifully crafted hand-forged designs have a distinctively Southwestern feel.

Type: Passage or Privacy Sets with #01 Passage

Exterior Size: 3" x 5 ¾"

This model displays the following finish:

Iron Rust Antique

Iron Rust Antique

This model is available in:

Iron Highlight

Iron Highlight (IH)

Iron Wrought

Iron Wrought (IW)

Iron Rust Antique

Iron Rust Antique (IRA)

About Handforged Iron Finishes

These distinctive finishes create a beautifully authentic, time-worn feel for your hardware. Choose from our Iron Rust Antique Finish with its genuine rust pattern and hue. Our Iron Wrought Finish that's bold and blackened for a stunning, strong statement. Or our Iron Highlight Finish, embellished with sparkling, yet subtle, silver details for a lighter, brighter look. All Handforged Iron finishes are coated with a StableCote™ finish process that slows the aging process of the finish applied to the surface.

This model displays use of the following:

Ring 96

Ring 96 - Handforged Iron Ring

This model is compatible with:

Knob 82 - Handforged Iron Oval Knob

Knob 82

Knob 83 - Handforged Iron Small Round Knob

Knob 83

Knob 84 - Handforged Iron Large Round Knob

Knob 84

Lever 92 - Handforged Iron Thick Wave Lever

Lever 92

Lever 93 - Handforged Iron Thin Wave Lever

Lever 93

Lever 95 - Handforged Iron "U" Lever

Lever 95

Ring 96 - Handforged Iron Ring

Ring 96


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