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Designing your custom hardware

These simple steps can help you select the ideal lock for every doorway, while creating a customized look that reflects your own personal style—and makes a distinctively inviting statement.

Choose the collection that opens the door to your style

Door Collections

Pioneer Collection

Our most refined collection is sand-cast, silk-smooth and solid bronze—of the finest artisan grade—comparable to that used by fine artist and craftsman. It creates a look and a statement that is strong, bold and timeless—and perfect for many architectural styles.

Handforged Bronze Collection

A rustic look, these designs are created from hand-forged solid bronze. Using hammer, anvil and classic patterning tools, our blacksmiths create styles reminiscent of the old world. Then, special tools are used to refine and capture interesting details, for an accent that's perfectly suited to your home.

Handforged Iron Collection

Truly harkening back to the days of the blacksmith, these solid iron designs are similar in feel to the Handforged Bronze, but develop a distinctive timeworn patina over the years that's matchless.

Choose the right lcok for your needs

Lock Types

Entry or Exterior Door Locks

These door locks can provide varying security options, all appropriate to your home. Choose from a Mortise Lock, which provides ultimate security and valuable features for your Entry Door; or a Tubular Latch with Deadbolt, a more cost-effective option, appropriate for side and back doors.

Interior Door Locks

Choose Passage Locks for bedrooms, and other rooms where a locking function isn't desired. Choose Privacy Locks for bathrooms and other rooms where you prefer a locking option.

Multipoint Lock (Trim)

These high-security locks are offered in several design options. Multiple contacts from the door into the jamb create an ultra-secure, weather-tight seal ideal for patio doors, French doors, and other exterior doors exposed to the elements.

View a complete list of lock functions.

Choose the escutcheon plate design that impacts your door

Escutcheon Types

Pioneer Vintage*

This bold, rectangular design creates a timeless solid, strong feel to accent your door tastefully.

Pioneer Arch*

This elegantly arched design adds a soft, artful—yet completely bold—tone to your doorway.

Pioneer Bevel-Strip*

Rectangular in shape, with a gracefully beveled detail around the perimeter, this design captures a precise and smooth refinement.

Early America* (Vintage or Arch)

These impressive and classically American designs harken back to works hand-forged hundreds of years ago.

Santa Fe

These beautifully crafted hand-forged designs have a distinctively Southerwestern feel.

Arts & Crafts

As its name implies, these designs possess simple, clean lines with a modern feel characteristic of this distinctive, memorable architectural era.


Hinting at Mediterranean origins, this unique design's graceful curves and defined corners offer an elegant way to embellish your doors with style.

* denotes Grand (1 ½") plate thicknesses are available.

Select the knob or lever that complements your escutcheon plate

Knobs and Levers

The knob or lever you choose is your guest's first impression, their initial contact. Make a statement that's strong, bold, and uniquely you. All designs will accept the finishes, levers, knobs, and rings within each collection to allow the creation of a personalized lockset.

Select a Finish


The beauty begins on the surface, where the finish, patina and color of your locks set the tone. Each collection offers a selection of finish colors that's sure to enhance your door, creating a most welcome statement.


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