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Our Operating Sidelite Door Systems (OPS)

Operating Sidelite Door System

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Unlike most sidelites, which are permanently closed, Arcadia Custom has created Operating Sidelite Systems (OPS) which feature sidelites that open up, allowing beautiful breezes to flow in and out of your home, for a delightfully fresh look and feel.

Choose your comfort level with either our full-length operating sidelite or our half-length Dutch operating sidelite. All jamb components, weatherstripping, hinges and sidelite operating hardware is included. What's more you can select any standard door and sidelite and convert them into this unique approach.


OPS Dutch

Single Sidelite for Dutch OPS

Single Sidelite

Pair Sidelites for Dutch OPS

Pair Sidelites

Pair Doors with Sidelites for Dutch OPS

Pair Sidelites

Full Sidelite

Single Sidelites for Full Sidelite OPS

Single Sidelite

Pair Doors with Sidelites for Full OPS

Pair Sidelites

Pair Doors with Sidelites for Full OPS

Pair Doors & Sidelites

Sash & Screen Pulls

Maximum door width: 39", maximum door height: 120", door thickness 1 ¾" or 2 ¼"

Pioneer Sash Lock

Pioneer Sash Lock

Hand-Forged Sash Lock

Hand-Forged Sash Lock

Pioneer Screen Pull

Pioneer Screen Pull

Hand-Forged Screen Pull

Hand-Forged Screen Pull

Trim Options

Interior - Alpine


Interior - Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Interior - Metropolitan


Interior - San Carlos

San Carlos

Interior - Streamline


Interior - Colonial


Interior - Traditional


Exterior - 2¼" Flat

2¼" Flat

Exterior - Brick Mould

Brick Mould

Exterior - Stucco Mould

Stucco Mould

Exterior - 5¼" Flat

5¼" Flat

Door Hinges

Type Door Thickness Hinge Size
Interior 1⅜" 3½" x 3½"
Interior 1¾" 4" x 4"
Exterior 1¾" 4½" x 4½"
Exterior 2¼" 5" x 5"

Finishes for door hinges are oil-rubbed bronze (US10B) or antique Nickel (US15A). All are commercial grade, square-cornered, and plain bearing hinges.

Door Hinge - Oil-Rubbed Bronze (US10B)

Oil-Rubbed Bronze (US10B)

Door Hinge - Antique Nickel (US15A)

Antique Nickel (US15A)

Flush Bolts

Finishes for extension flush bolts are brushed stainless or oil-rubbed bronze.

Brushed Stainless Flush Bolt

Brushed Stainless Flush Bolt

Oil Rubbed Bronze Flush Bolt

Oil Rubbed Bronze Flush Bolt


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