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Any of Arcadia Custom’ door styles can be configured to create an impressive entryway. Whether it is a simple single front door, a grand entrance system with matching sidelites and transom, or your own custom design, let Arcadia Custom help you fashion a lasting first impression for your home.

Exterior door systems are precision crafted to insure ease of operation. Offered completely prehung and assembled*, our entry systems have solid rabbetted jambs for durability and strength, compression weatherstripping to keep the elements out, square-corner ball bearing hinges for a lifetime of reliability, are machined to your specification for lock hardware, and are available with several sill and trim options to fit all architectural applications and designs.

* Some prehung units may have to ship disassembled due to shipping size constraints,
check with your retailer.

Exterior Prehung Jamb Configuration

Prehang door systems are available as square top, flat arch, true arch, or custom radius

Single Door

EX1 Single Door


Paired Doors

EX2 Paired Doors


Single Door / Single Sidelite

EX3 Single Door / Single Sidelite


Single Door / Single Sidelite

EX4 Single Door / Single Sidelite


Single Door / Two Sidelites

EX5 Single Door / Two Sidelites


Paired Doors / Two Sidelites

EX6 Paired Doors / Two Sidelites


Sills & Dripcaps

Aluminum Adjustable Inswing Sill

sill  - Aluminum Adjustable Inswing Sill

Aluminum Outswing Sill

sill - Aluminum Outswing Sill

Solid Mahogany Inswing

sill - Solid Mahogany Inswing

Solid Mahogany Outswing

sill - Solid Mahogany Outswing


sill - Hydrosill

Commercial ADA Sill

sill - Commercial ADA Sill

Aluminum Door Bottom / Drip Cap

doorbottom - Aluminum Door Bottom / Drip Cap

Wood Drip Cap

doorbottom - Wood Drip Cap

Sills & Dripcaps

Interior - Alpine


Interior - Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Interior - Metropolitan


Interior - San Carlos

San Carlos

Interior - Streamline


Interior - Colonial


Interior - Traditional


Exterior - 2¼" Flat

2¼" Flat

Exterior - Brick Mould

Brick Mould

Exterior - Stucco Mould

Stucco Mould

Exterior - 5¼" Flat

5¼" Flat

Door Hinges

Type Door Thickness Hinge Size
Interior 1⅜" 3½" x 3½"
Interior 1¾" 4" x 4"
Exterior 1¾" 4½" x 4½"
Exterior 2¼" 5" x 5"

Finishes for door hinges are oil-rubbed bronze (US10B) or antique Nickel (US15A). All are Commercial grade, square-cornered, and plain bearing hinges.

Door Hinge - Oil-Rubbed Bronze (US10B)

Oil-Rubbed Bronze (US10B)

Door Hinge - Antique Nickel (US15A)

Antique Nickel (US15A)

Door Hinge Decorative Top Options

Decorative Hinge Tip Option - Ball Tip

Ball Tip

Decorative Hinge Tip Option - Acorn Tip

Acorn Tip

Decorative Hinge Tip Option - Steeple Tip

Steeple Tip

Flush Bolts

Brushed Stainless Flush Bolt

Brushed Stainless Flush Bolt

Oil Rubbed Bronze Flush Bolt

Oil Rubbed Bronze Flush Bolt

EX 3031-TA Knotty Alder / Sidelite surround door system

EX 3031-TA Knotty Alder

Sidelite surround door system

French Moulding / Sr. Raised Panel

Light Country Black / Rocky Mountain Distress

EX6421 Knotty Alder

SL4041 (Sidelite)

Three Sash Transom

Arts & Crafts / Plank Panel

Country Brown / Regular Distress

EX1018 Mahogany

SL3006 (Sidelite)

Rocky Mountain / Sr. Raised Panel

Cherry "Glaze" / Regular Distress

Raised Panel Speakeasy with Grille, Clavos options

EX2502 Rustic Oak

SL4011 (Sidelite)

French Moulding / Random Kerf Cut Plank Panel

Burnt Caramel / Light ANtique Distress

Flat Arch Speakeasy Option


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