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Details for Modern Contemporary Model 6021

Modern Contemporary

Modern Contemporary styles typically begin with linear designs, minimalist elements, and a knot-free wood species. The selection of a light-colored, directional grain species such as Vertical Grain Douglas Fir works well; or, for a more modern European look, mahogany is a good fit. The sharp, clean, angular lines of our Mountain Contemporary sticking detail, with its kerfed-reveal glass stop and crisp 90-degree panel profile, will produce an uncluttered but still inviting appearance.

Exterior Doors - French Doors

Highly versatile and distinctly romantic, French or 'patio' doors are perfect for entrances as well as side doors. Combine them and add sidelites to capture a distinctively fresh and open feeling that expands the possibilities of your room, transporting the inside outside.

Dune Gray

Dune Gray

Sanded Incense Cedar with a Dune Gray Finish

With a more refined, polished look than Wirebrushed Cedar, Sanded Incense Cedar has a beautiful rhythm with unique fluctuations and distinct variations in color and grain. Though it requires more maintenance because the grain will raise with time and exposure, Sanded Incense Cedar is an elegant wood choice that offers endless possibilities and imaginative looks.

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Hand-sanded textures, standard on all our woods except Cedar, create a smoother, more polished surface that flatters the grain and emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood. It's a more formal and sophisticated look that's highly versatile as well.

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Mountain Contemporary

Mountain Contemporary

Mountain Contemporary Panel

Mountain Contemporary Panel

Mountain Contemporary Sticking and Mountain Contemporary Panel

Any of our sticking and panel profiles are available on any of our doors.

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