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Details for Rustic Old World Model 3558

Rustic Old World

With our Southwestern heritage, Architectural Traditions has spent years perfecting "rustic". Start by selecting a rugged wood species that offers rustic character such as Knotty Alder, Rustic Oak, Character Walnut, or Wire-brushed Incense Cedar: Adding elements with a sense of rough-hewn workmanship, like hand-scraped distresses and rubbed-oil finishes in weathered or burnished tones will add to the time-worn appearance. Combining these door options will allow you to create an Old World feel for your home that makes a timeless statement of durability.

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Let the light beam brightly or allow it to cascade softly with glass doors. Choose the size, shape and pattern of glass you'd like to bring a fresh, vibrant glow into your room, while still insuring privacy.



Wirebrushed Incense Cedar with a Traditional Finish

Native to California, southwestern Oregon, and western Nevada, Incense Cedar is exceptionally resistant to environmental deterioration, with an innate strength that makes it split-, bow-, warp- and cup-resistant. No wonder it has been used for centuries in demanding applications such as fencing, patio decks and siding. But, Incense Cedar's remarkable range of refreshing pastel colors makes it a beautiful and bold chameleon when it comes to doors as well. With so many interesting color variations, Incense Cedar allows you to achieve hues and looks unsurpassed by other species. For a rough, rustic surface, with minimal maintenance, choose our Wirebrushed texture.

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Available only on Cedar, this time-honored technique brings vibrance and energy to the wood by duplicating the natural weathering process to accentuate the wood pattern and grain. Standard with our Cedar wood, Wirebrushing requires less maintenance than our Sanded textures. Its rough, rustic durability is both charming and reminiscent of an older time.

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Classic Panel

Classic Panel

Classic Sticking and Classic Panel

Any of our sticking and panel profiles are available on any of our doors.

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