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Expand your living space and transform it into a true indoor/outdoor haven with our Exterior Bifolding Systems. Available from three-door up to eight-door systems, you can create a small entrance or the grand thoroughfare of your dreams, with opening widths from seven feet to twenty-four feet and heights up to ten feet. Choose from any of our door models, and tailor them to your taste.

Our premier folding door system, these doors are specially designed with generous proportions and larger dimensions for medium to large homes, as well as offices. Customized hardwaremeans even the heaviest of these doors can be moved smoothly and simply with the touch of finger. What's more, our Exterior Bifolding Systems are tailored to improve privacy and security. Screw fixings are concealed and hinged caps are held tight by hidden fasteners.


3 Door Plans

3 Doors

4 Door Plans

4 Doors

5 Door Plans

5 Doors

6 Door Plans

6 Doors

7 Door Plans

7 Doors

8 Door Plans

8 Doors


Maximum door width: 39", maximum door height: 120", door thickness 1 ¾" or 2 ¼"

Trim Options

Interior - Alpine


Interior - Santa Fe

Santa Fe

Interior - Metropolitan


Interior - San Carlos

San Carlos

Interior - Streamline


Interior - Colonial


Interior - Traditional


Exterior - 2¼" Flat

2¼" Flat

Exterior - Brick Mould

Brick Mould

Exterior - Stucco Mould

Stucco Mould

Exterior - 5¼" Flat

5¼" Flat


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