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At Arcadia Custom, we realize every piece of natural wood is as beautiful as it is practical, which is exactly why it’s our choice in creating the most distinctive homes. From Mahogany and Alder to Fir, Rustic Oak, Cedar, Walnut and Cherry, every species has a distinct feel and wonderful personality

Like a fingerprint, you will never find two pieces of wood that are exactly the same, and no other material that captures its special texture, elegance and charm. Wood’s artful form is matched by its superb functionality. Capable of being shaped, molded and textured to fit a variety of architectural needs, wood is highly versatile. What’s more, wood is a natural insulator, protecting your home from outside elements.

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We help you create a quality, crafted door that reflects your personal style and taste, and that fulfills practical requirements of privacy, security and comfort as well. Cross the threshold and discover the door that says 'you'.

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Combined with our finest engineering and hardware, we bring you carefully crafted, all-wood windows that are not only remarkably solid and stunningly beautiful, but durable and easy to maintain long into the future.