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Thermal Steel Windows and Doors - Performance

Thermal Performance

NFRC Rating, U-Factor 0.29, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.21, Variable Transmittance 0.47
  • NFRC Certified
  • U-values as low as .20 (see thermal performance charts for specifics)
  • The best energy performance in the steel window industry, with values rivaling high-performance wood windows
  • Factory glazing means products will ship with NFRC label attached to glass

NFRC Performance Ratings

Condensation Resistance

Thermally Broken Window Preventing Condensation
  • Thermally broken design greatly reduces the chance of condensation seen with most steel and aluminum window construction.
  • Product has gone through condensation resistance "CR" testing with results similar to high-performance wood windows.

Stainless Steel Construction

Rusty Window
  • Stainless steel construction with high-performance paint finish means your doors and windows will never develop "structural rust".
  • Chromium found in stainless steel prevents the migration of rust – mild steel does not have this same protection.

Strongest Warranty in the Industry

20 Year Limited Warranty
  • 20-year limited warranty on our doors and windows – longest most comprehensive in the industry.
  • 10-year limited warranty on glass.
  • Because the product ships with the glass installed from our factory, you have "complete" warranty coverage from one company, unlike the typical limited coverage where the window manufacturer only covers their steel components, the glass manufacturer only covers their glass and the "onsite" glazer typically warranties nothing.
  • Be assured your investment is well protected from a single company with an 80 year track record, taking sole responsibility for workmanship.


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