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Arcadia Custom, initially named Southwest Door Co, was founded nearly a quarter of a century ago by Tucson-based, "Master Builder" Mark Butler. At that time, Mark specialized in building custom homes that reflected the Southwest's architectural building and design traditions. To create these homes and achieve an authentic design, Mark fabricated many of his own building materials, such as mud adobe block, latillas and hand-hewn beam ceilings, and eventually doors, windows, and hardware.

As Mark's homes gained local and national renown, there was great interest in the materials he used, specifically for the doors, windows, and hardware. Builders and architects from across the country began to inquire where they could purchase these materials. This led to the formation of Southwest Door Company.

To more accurately reflect the widening scope of Mark's mission, Southwest Door became Arcadia Custom, a company still rooted in and proud of its Southwestern heritage, but dedicated to providing product that is true to other regional architectural styles across the country

Today Arcadia Custom continues that tradition. It is the only company of its kind that allows the builder, architect, designer and/or homeowner complete design control, ensuring that the windows, doors and hardware are built with a consistent look and quality that only a single-source supplier can offer.


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Thermal Steel & Wood Products

9280 E. Old Vail Rd
Tucson, AZ 85747

Thermal Aluminum - West

2323 E. Firestone Blvd., Bldg. 105
South Gate, CA 90280

Thermal Aluminum - East

110 Viaduct Rd
Stamford CT 06907